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Which is Best for You – A Gas or Diesel Truck?

Whether you are looking to replace your current truck or making a first-time purchase, one of the biggest considerations you will need to make is whether you should buy gas or diesel. This guide will take a look at which option is more cost-effective, which one has the best performance and the general advantages and disadvantages of each kind of truck.

Purchase Price

As diesel trucks are much more robust, their engines are much heavier so that they are capable of managing the higher combustion pressured as opposed to gasoline trucks. Another difference between the two is an increase in torque in diesel trucks; as they feature a stroke length of either two or four and the cylinder pressure, the combination of the two result in an increased torque. The longer the stroke, the more the pistons have leverage to create a forceful rotation on the cylinders, resulting in more power and torque. You will also note that diesel trucks have more emissions control components built in, as well as a turbocharger. For these reasons, diesel trucks are more costly than gas trucks, so you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 – $11,000 more for diesel than gas.

Cost of Maintenance

There are differing opinions when it comes to the cost of maintenance of gas or diesel trucks. Some may argue that diesel trucks are cheaper to maintain as they do not feature spark plugs to ignite the combustion process; however, this is only one aspect, as diesel trucks do contain many other parts that gasoline trucks do not. The presence of these additional parts, while they bring more power and efficiency, require much more regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at high performance levels. Another factor that increases the cost of maintenance of a diesel truck is that replacement parts can come at a hefty price and finding a diesel expert to carry out any maintenance work can prove harder than finding gas mechanics. If you are California, be sure to check out https://www.wefixdieseltrucks.com, diesel performance specialists who offer a range of diesel services; even if you are not sure of a quote you have received from other specialists, you can make use of the $0 free second opinion.

Efficiency of Fuel

While the prices of gas and diesel can fluctuate often, the cost per gallon of case can change frequently, sometimes making diesel more expensive, and sometimes less expensive (although this is not very common). However, when looking at fuel efficiency, it is not the acutal cost per gallon we are speaking of, but how the vehicle uses the fuel. Diesel trucks are definitely more fuel efficient and use about 10-15% less fuel as they run. Do remember, however, that not all gas stations have diesel pumps, so you may need travel further, and in turn use your ‘fuel savings’ to find a station that can accommodate your truck.

Emissions into the Environment

The last thing you will likely be considering when purchasing a gas or diesel truck is their emissions. However, if you are wanting to become more environmentally friendly, your truck’s emissions are something you will want to consider, and frankly, we all should be considering it. While gas trucks do produce higher levels of CO and HC than their diesel counterparts, diesel trucks do emit NOx and other particulate matter. Older model diesel trucks, in the past, were not very environmentally friendly, and gasoline truck were the winners when it came to lower emission levels. However, newer models of diesel trucks have addressed this issue and even feature emission control systems to help reduce the amount of emissions into the air.


If you are looking for a truck that will last you for many years to come, when well maintained, look no further than a diesel truck. They are much more robust and durable and set to withstand the test of time. Of course, maintenance is key for any vehicle, but you will definitely find the longevity of a diesel truck is significantly higher than gas.


As with most things we buy, there are certain items that depreciate in value very quickly, and unfortunately gas trucks are one of those things. As diesel trucks are durable and with good maintenance can last for years, they attract a higher resale price.